How to Apply for Free Low-Cost Health Care Programs 

How to Get No-Cost or Low-Cost Medical Care 
For Los Angeles County Residents Only
At Los Angeles County Hospitals & Clinics

Important Notice for Immigrants

YOU CAN GET NEEDED MEDICAL CARE AT NO COST OR AT LOW COST.  To get it, you must be unable to pay the full cost of your medical care.  And you must have charges which Medi-Cal, Medicare, private insurance, or other medical benefits won't fully cover.  YOU CAN GET NEEDED MEDICAL CARE EVEN IF YOU CAN'T PAY IN ADVANCE, if you qualify for any of the plans listed below:

Ability to Pay Plan (ATP) and Outpatient Reduced-Cost Simplified Application (ORSA)--Under these plans, you can get medical care, including prenatal and maternity services, at County hospitals and clinics at no cost or at low cost.  If you get medical care at no cost under ATP/ORSA, you can get medicines at no cost.  If you get clinic care at lower cost, you get medicines at no extra cost.  Although you can get these plans at any County medical center, you can apply for them only at specified centers.

For more information, see our ATP Fact Sheet, ORSA Fact Sheet, or visit the Department of Public Social Services Website

Pre-Payment Plan--Use this plan at any County medical center for clinic care.  If you pay within seven days of treatment, you do not have to prove your income, other resources, or family size.  For each visit to the clinic, you pay:

  • $60 at County Hospital Outpatient Clinics except Emergency Room visits ($50 for prenatal services for the first seven visits; remaining prenatal visits at no charge)
  • $50 at Health Centers or at Comprehensive Health Centers except Urgent Care Center visits ($50 for prenatal services for the first seven visits; remaining prenatal visits at no charge)
  • $65 at Comprehensive Health Center Urgent Care Center
  • $100 at County Hospital Emergency Rooms
  • $300 at Hospital Outpatient Surgery Clinics

Child Delivery Plan--This plan covers labor and delivery service for pregnant women.  For herself, each mother must pay $1500 within seven days after she leaves the hospital.  For her baby, each mother must apply for Medi-Cal.

Kidney Dialysis, Tuberculosis, and Post Polio Plans--Special low-cost plans cover these services.  Apply for them at the center where the treatment is given.

No Extra Cost Medicines--All clinic patients can get medicines at no extra cost for emergency and public health services.